Laser rejuvenation of face and body

facial skin rejuvenation with laser

This type of therapy belongs to new non-surgical anti-aging cosmetic procedures. The program allows you to stimulate the growth potential of cells and their hidden reserves. Laser rejuvenation restores the natural collagen process and hydra balance. The natural aging process is slowed down.

Procedures that are performed using laser beams

  1. Restoration of elasticity of the skin of the face, hands and the whole body;
  2. Removal of wrinkles;
  3. Smoothing post-traumatic scar tissue;
  4. Removal of burn scars;
  5. Leveling the skin surface;
  6. Improving complexion by removing age spots;
  7. Tightening sagging skin;
  8. Removal of stretch marks after drastic weight loss.

Experts advise to carry out this procedure for medical reasons. And with aging of the skin no earlier than 40 years, after age-related changes begin to form. The course of procedures is designed for the effect of rejuvenation, which makes it possible to significantly postpone the visit to plastic surgeons. Additional Botox injections will help improve the quality of the procedure.

Areas of influence

  1. Face;
  2. Segment of the eyelids;
  3. Lip area;
  4. Forehead;
  5. Neckline area;
  6. Nasolabial triangle and cheeks;
  7. Hips, abdomen, buttocks.

Contraindications for procedures

  1. Diseases of the thyroid gland;
  2. Tumor formations of various etiologies;
  3. Inflammatory processes of the body;
  4. Diabetes;
  5. Violation of the hematopoietic system;
  6. Heart disease;
  7. Diseases of the skin.

Under the influence of a beam of a given wavelength, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, and the surface of the skin becomes elastic. The diode type of laser beam helps cells to regenerate collagen production. Under the visual control of specialists, the wavelength and speed of the wave acts selectively on the more affected areas. The duration of a full session is half an hour. The full course consists of five procedures at regular intervals. An individual course is selected for each patient, taking into account the skin, its structure and your age. The most important thing: take care of your face and body on time and you will always be beautiful!