Instructions for use Medutox

The product for skin rejuvenation Medutox has a wide range of applications. To get the most out of the serum, you need to figure out how to use it correctly.

The greatest damage under the influence of factors of the external and internal environment is received by the areas of the face and décolleté. However, the drug can be used on any areas with skin imperfections.

In particular, when applying the drug to the face, do not forget to pay attention to the neck, as it often shows the true age of the woman.

To obtain a lasting effect, it is recommended to apply the serum for at least 4 weeks daily. You can buy it in Germany

applying Medutox cream with tapping movements

How to use

The manufacturer offers instructions in 3 simple steps to improve the quality of your skin:
  1. Skin cleansing.Before using the serum, you need to carefully remove makeup with cleansers or care products.
  2. Serum application.Produce with light tapping movements, paying attention to problem areas.
  3. Applying a moisturizer.Medutox will provide your skin with long-lasting hydration and nutrition. Every day you will notice how your skin looks younger and your mood improves.

The manufacturer claims that from the first few applications your skin will begin to acquire a healthy color and shine, dryness and inflammation on the skin will go away, and deep wrinkles will begin to smooth out.

Who will benefit from Medutox serum?

Indications for the use of serum are divided into several classes of women, based on their wishes:
  1. Girls over 18 years oldwho want to preserve the natural beauty of their skin and prevent age-related changes.
  2. Women over 25who have no visible signs of aging and want to stay young as long as possible.
  3. Women over 35, in which age-related changes began to appear, namely: skin laxity, creases, wrinkles.
  4. For those ladies who are desperate in search of a creamcapable of giving them the desired result.

Contraindications for use

They are insignificant, but still there. You can not use the drug:
  1. persons under the age of 18.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women.
  3. People with individual intolerance to certain components of the serum.